Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Iron Patriot for the Silver Screen?

James Badge Dale as Eric Savin
in what looks like Iron Patriot armor
(photo credit: TheSuperficial.com)
By now, most comic movie fans have seen a photo of actor James Badge Dale on the set of IRON MAN 3 in a suit of armor that bears a strong resemblance to the Iron Patriot suit donned by Dark Avenger, Norman Osbourne in Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's award-winning run on THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.  Recent reports claim that the suit is actually a War Machine redesign, but if that's the case why isn't the actor in the suit Don Cheadle?

Further complicating things from a comic book continuity standpoint is that Dale is playing Eric Savin aka Coldblood. It's quite possible that Marvel publicity is trying to keep a lid on things after the leak, and some sources have suggested that the new War Machine could end up being called The Iron Patriot in this installment of the film franchise. None of these scenarios annexes the possibility of that armor being used against Tony Stark, which makes issue  #18, page 22 even more significant now then it was when it was included in the original Pop Sequentialism exhibition back in May 2011. That original art page is still available for sale, and comes with the comic book, too.

by Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca
Issue #18, Page 22: Splash
First Appearance of The Iron Patriot
Graphite and ink on board
Signed by Salvador Larroca
11" x 17"

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be selling off some of the key titles in the Pop Sequentialism archive, giving other fans (like me) an opportunity to own pieces of history -and for less than the reprinted Omnibus & Absolute editions are fetching!  These are the truly great collaborations of writers & artists in the comic book medium, and I'll be packaging them as sets, runs, and in some cases entire series. If you're looking for something specific and don't want to risk it getting listed and sold, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to hook you up if I can: info[at]popsequentialism.com

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