Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting Steampunk'd with Ave Rose

Ave Rose is a singer, a performer, a publisher, a writer, a designer and an exhibiting fine artist. With collaborators Trieops Treyfid, Cig Neutron, and Rannie Rodil she put together the Aliens in L.A. book and performance project, and via Ink Pen Mutations Press she is a self-publishing mogul specializing in illustrated counter-culture story-telling. As the one-to-beat on GSNTV's Steampunk'd, she became the posterchild of the post-gothic industrial set.

This makes her a pretty great interview by anyone's standard.

This week on Pod Sequentialism, Ave Rose and Matt Kennedy discuss the many hats artists must wear (both literally and figuratively), and what it was like to be the star of a Reality TV Series.

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