Thursday, March 10, 2016

Matt on Marvel Movie News!

As most of the Geek-o-sphere is aware, the new Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped Today, and so my friend Matt Key asked me to be on the Marvel Movie News podcast. Great to meet co-host Coy Jandreau and SmoshGames duo Flitz and Matt Raub to string some theories together about recent Spiderman Reboot casting confirmations–like my prediction that Zendaya has been cast as White Tiger. We also wax quixotic about possible plot points in the upcoming Russo Brothers film –Will Tony Stark get the axe instead of Captain America?

Find out by pressing play!

And here's the Venom short film, Truth in Journalism, from the ├╝ber cool fans at Bootleg Universe, as mentioned by Matt Raub in our Marvel Movie News podcast:

Be sure to tune into Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy every Sunday! Last week we interviewed Lucky Nakazawa, and upcoming guests include Luke Chueh and Jim Mahfood!

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