Monday, January 4, 2016

Stranger than (Dr.) Strange

Howard Hallis: World Authority on Dr. Strange
Happy New Year!

With the Winter Solstice exactly thirteen days behind us, we thought it perfect timing to launch Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy's interview with Dr. Strange expert Howard Hallis. The two dig deep into the occult origins of comic book magic, the Crowleyan underpinnings of everybody's favorite comic book sorcerer–and a whole lot more!

Howard Hallis has the largest independent collection of Dr. Strange ephemera. From the comics to original art and merchandised paraphernalia, Howard has been adding to his ever-expanding Dr. Strange Museum for nearly four decades. But Howard is no stranger to the mystic world of true magick, either.

Hallis has a long curriculum vitae that spans an art degree from UCLA (studying with Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley), a music career with the seminal Yidcore band Gefilte Fuck, recording the death of 60s psychedelic guru Dr. Timothy Leary for posterity via live stream video, and the pioneering lenticular work, The Picture of Everything–a gigantic, 15-foot-high drawing of ALL things pop culture (covered in the pages of Wired magazine).

It's a history lesson sure to make Benedict Cumberbatch proud!
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