Monday, April 25, 2016

Pod Sequentialism has a new BlogTalkRadio page!

It's hard to believe we've already recorded 25 episodes. Some of those shows addressed controversial subjects and Matt thought it would be a good idea to speak to some of the topics (and about the guests) that garnered the most feedback from you, our listeners. 

This also seemed like the perfect time to announce our new BlogTalkRadio page and add the link to the new RSS feed. Don't worry–you can still listen to Pod Sequentialism on the Meltdown homepage and subscribe via iTunes. We've got some incredible guests scheduled in the next few months and Matt will continue talking about the things that other hosts avoid, including dissecting the deals that allow the people we all love and respect to do what they do. 

Thanks for listening and please continue to do so, because the best is still yet to come on this and future episodes of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy presented by La Luz de Jesus Gallery & Meltdown Comics!

Click here to Stream It.

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Click here for our new BlogTalkRadio page
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Be sure to add us to your RSS feed! New uploads weekly, and exclusive web content in between!

And listen for an extremely rare cameo by Meltdown Blogger Extraordinaire, Melodie Miu!

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