Monday, February 22, 2016

Killing Your Idols

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Tom Neely is the Ignatz Award winning artist of The Blot. His collective, the Igloo Tornado, is behind the best-selling Henry & Glenn project and his Image Comics series The Humans is part of a growing trend away from superhero comics.

Matt and Tom discuss the pros and cons of taking a comic on tour, the differences between freelancing and self-publishing, and what to do when your idol wants to kill you.

If you've ever wondered about the legality of incorporating real people into your art, you'll really want to give this podcast a listen. There may be a fine line between stupid and clever, but there is often an even finer line between celebrity and megalomania. The line that separates each (in both scenarios) is often satire.

This is an interview with Glenn Danzig
Matt and Tom spend a great portion of the program talking about Tom's Henry & Glenn comics, which also entered into the conversation on Matt's appearances on Kevin Smith's Smodcasts. The question about whether or not Henry or Glenn appreciate the Killing Your Idols tenet of punk rock as it applies to them has been a frequent byproduct of any conversation about Tom's (arguably) most famous comic. It is widely reported that Rollins finds it much more entertaining than does Danzig, but in a very interesting series of recent developments Glenn Danzig has appeared on the sitcom Portlandia in a send-up of Goth culture that reveals a pretty gregarious example of self-parody (click here), while simultaneously slamming H&G in Rolling Stone.

As an anecdote to this, I can personally attest to fact that Glenn has a sense of humor–even if it hasn't always pertained to the H&G comics. I've seen him joke around, and it's my opinion that he's very much a fanboy at heart. For whatever reason, he does not see the obvious sit-com charm of the idea that the two most masculine men in Metal/Punk would be involved in a Tom of Finland scenario. One can only wonder of the backlash that might have followed if the Igloo Tornado guys were all Manowar fans.

Rollins has said in public that he is amused by all of this, but I was told (by a source who shall remain nameless) that coverage for our exhibition of the Art of Henry & Glenn was denied at the newspaper that carries Henry's column because they didn't want to "ruffle any feathers." This is a newspaper that routinely takes on City Hall, but its editors were adverse to granting coverage to a satirical art show about one of their freelance columnists. Ouch!

Anyhow, you can enjoy all this and more in the latest, exciting episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy, Presented by Meltdown Comics & La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

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