Monday, February 1, 2016

Lindsey Way: Raw & Uncut

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My in-depth interview with fine artist and musician Lindsey Way went live yesterday on the Pod Sequentialism podcast. Fans of her band Mindless Self Indulgence may be more familiar with her than the patrons of Blue Chip art galleries, but not for long!

We got our first Explicit Language Warning for this, because her upc show title is "Shitty Teen," and we knew we'd get flagged anyway, so we didn't censor ourselves. Lin-z discusses being forced to grow up fast to care for a sick parent, and using art school to escaping small town limitations.

Anyone who has struggled with what they do, or what they've endured on the way there NEEDS to HEAR THIS!

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Check out her feature exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery here.

All of the works in Lindsey Way's Shitty Teen exhibition were taken from her high school notebook, and the vast majority of her pieces directly utilize those notes, so when you see hand-written sentiment, in all but two cases those are pages from her actual high school notebook and they are filled with the type of angst, rage, and comedy that you might expect from the pen of teenager.

As such this show is not just an exhibition of work from an acclaimed artist with a degree from Pratt, but a nostalgic time capsule from the life of a celebrity musician. The work is brave, and in many ways this podcast is even braver. Honesty this raw is rare, and we hope that you'll find this episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy as inspiring and rewarding as we do.

Shitty Teen on view at La Luz de Jesus Gallery (4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027) Feb. 5–28th. Jessicka Addams (of Jack of Jill and Scarling) exhibits alongside her in Gallery I with her show, Please Stop Loving Me.

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