Friday, February 19, 2016

Pod Sequentialism Swag!

First of all: Many Thanks to everyone that subscribes to the Pod Sequentialism Podcast–most especially for giving me a format to talk about comics, art and pop culture with my very talented friends. If you've enjoyed it thus far, just wait until you see what's coming!

The crew at Meltdown Comics set us up with TeePublic, who have produced a whole line of Pod Sequentialism Logo Goodies!

Make my mom happy–buy a T-Shirt!
The original logo was created by me and my art-partner-in-crime, Misty Zhou, and our producers had it redrawn into what you see today. Check out her online portfolio here.

We've got a redesign coming soon and a massive update to the Pop Sequentialism website with new and classic art, more publications, and whole other host of neat stuff to appeal to your inner (and outer) geek.

Grab it all here on the TeePublic site.
And Subscribe to Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy via iTunes.
Or Stream it live on the Meltcast here.

Tune in every Sunday for a new episode of Pod Sequentialism with Matt Kennedy!

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